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The tone of many forum posts recently has gone from a friendly, co-operative one to a bitter and sarcastic one.

At Foldit, players and admins alike are together breaking new ground and exploring new paths. Civility costs nothing, and incivility is never useful. If you still must flame, at least direct it at me via a private message rather than at fellow players, although please continue to use the forums to discuss suggestions or concerns.

Being kept in the dark is a common gripe, so I will keep you updated more regularly via the news.


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Players flaming each other should have their posts removed.

As for updates, it is really the simple things... like the other day all the puzzles expired and there was a period of time when no new puzzles were available (or the servers were too busy to show them). So something as simple as a day's notice on when new puzzles will be released would be nice to know. Teams want to hit the ground running. Individuals might like to adjust their other activities to check out new puzzles. Knowing when the deadline on yet-to-be-released puzzles is going to be would also be nice to see.

Also, I tend to miss when someone from the development team pops into the chat and shares information. I think it is great that you do so... but wish I had some way of getting the same information on my own schedule.


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