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I have:
-registered and successfully logged into the site
-downloaded Win Beta
-installed Win Beta (with no errors)
-attempted to run the program.

When I run the program a gray square appears in a window.

that is all.

nothing to click, no menus..

Please help.

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Try following the hardware

Try following the hardware acceleration instructions here:


Does that help?

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Webpages screwed up

So I'm posting here in the hope that someone will notice. Cant start a new Forum topic, cant get Feedback to submit (keeps asking for an assignmeent target and insisting on a url link in the title

Also, after clicking on a puzzle to get to their score page, there is an obvious disaplay fault, and only the team scores are visible, nothing else comes up. This was the original fault I was trying to report, but then found out that Feedback is screwed up as well...


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