Two New Prickly Protein Puzzles

Hey protein folders!

Congratulations to our top players on Puzzle 12 (ferzle, mummiebrain, labraticmp3, sean.kiely, spvincent) and Puzzle 13 (ferzle, labraticmp3, spvincent, Rusty, hugothehermit). It was particularly exciting to see players on Puzzle 12 get so close to the native (true) structure from an essentially unfolded state. We've put up two new semi-unfolded protien puzzles for you. May the best folder win!

We've also posted a software update that should address some stability issues. What kind of new tools would you guys like to fold up the proteins? Send us suggestions in the message boards.

(Tue, 01/15/2008 - 22:54  |  0 comments)
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