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at the moment I can see [[http://fold.it/portal/node/200386|TruthSerum44]] being listed as a member of [[http://fold.it/portal/node/63194/show_players|Rechenkraft.net]] (the team I belong to) as well as [[http://fold.it/portal/node/173391/show_players|Goons with proteins]].

I really wonder now whether this indicates some kind of server error of if people jump from team to team to get their shared solutions and then to return to their own team. If it is the second one, I'm really upset.

Anybody else noticed something like the above?

Ciao, Michael

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Sharing Files.

Dear Michael,

If you had worked for 10 hours or more on your protein puzzle, and someone from your team comes along for five minutes and tweaks it a little, gives it to his mate in another team, whom both beat your individual and team score/s (and WONT SHARE the file) and then win all your points, glory and respect... would you be happy?

How about you ask if each puzzle (score) can "ensure" the originator gets the(team / individual points) credit, not the copier ( and the originator should also get the copier/s points too )

!!! Good Question !!!

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It's a big problem !

Hi Marijuana !

I think you did not understood what Michael said because you are both pointing out the same problem !

It seems that TruthSerum44 belongs to many teams.
Goons with proteins
Mac users
Street Smarts
Richard Dawking Foundation
L'Alliance Francophone (my team)
... and probably many others !

And if he can do that, I bet he is not the only one.

So I think the real problem is to know why he is doing that.
Two possibilities :
1 : He join the team which get the best model, download it, upgrade it or not, take the points and that's all. He is doing it only to reach the top. In this case, we can consider it as a cheater
2 : He join the team which get the best model, try to upgrade and upload everytime the enhanced model. (and he can upload it in other teams too). In this case, he broadcast the information, he contribute to improve the proteins and lead forward the Science.
I really hope this guy is doing the second one, otherwise, he is useless...

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Changes needed

I don't know if anyone pulled a model from one team and used it on another, but there's definately a problem. I recently switched teams as well. I had presumed that when I clicked the link to "join this team" that it would mean I was no longer a member of my original team, but in some senses the server thinks you are in both teams.

I had to "leave" the new team, then my profile showed me as a member of my original team, then "leave" the original team before joining the new team.

If it is intentional that people are allowed to belong to more then one team, then the profile page should show all teams a player is a member of. Also, the game does not allow you to upload puzzles to the second team, but does allow download.

If it is unintentional, and the design is that a player can only be a member of one team, then the act of joining a new team should automatically terminate references to your original team for you.

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I had this problem too.

I found myself a member of two teams totally by accident -- "There Will Be Cake" and "Another Hour Another Point." My scores counted for both teams. I had to quit both before the whole thing got sorted out.

Of course, it's possible they intended a very different setup:

Maybe they meant to allow a player to belong to many different teams, share with all of them, and serve as a connection among different teams. This would make a lot of sense, actually, and it would make much easier some of the change-ups that have happened in recent days. (Anjen sharing his solve to a closed puzzle, me showing Freedom Folders some tips on Halorhodopsin, etc.)

It also kind of makes me wonder if everyone being on the same team might not be the best setup, too. Less hassle all around.

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Our intention is currently

Our intention is currently that everyone belongs to just one team.  So people being on multiple teams is most likely an error on the server.

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Seth --

You must realize that this is an unstable situation. With individual and team scoring set up as it is, and with sharing set up as it is, the most active players will all eventually want to be on one big team.

For example, for a couple of days AHAP had the lead score on Halorhodopsin. It was in part thanks to a distinct trick that I came up with, one that gained about 30 points nearly at one jump.

Now Freedom Folders have suddenly taken the lead, and I'm burning with curiosity to know whether they've discovered "my" trick too, or a similar one, or maybe a totally different one. (If it's different -- can the two be combined?)

Whatever the case, I now find myself wishing to be on BOTH teams, so that I can compare and learn. I expect this to happen with nearly every solve of nearly every puzzle, as long as we are on separate teams and not allowed to see one another's work.

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Better to just ditch the

Better to just ditch the groups (teams). Appears it's causing nothing but trouble.

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I'd be curious to see what

I'd be curious to see what you think of my scoring proposal, Angus. It's in the "Suggestions" forum. I think it may just satisfy everyone, individuals and teams alike.

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I ha the same problem

I was a member of the RDF group and asked to join the FF group.
When I was added, Icould see both groups solutions. When I manullay left the RDF later, the server removed me from the FF group.
I think it is a major problem.


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