Request for a search function for players

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Opened by:Nina
Opened on:Saturday, June 21, 2008 - 19:39
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It would be convenient to find an individual player by doing a simple search.

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Seconded, this would be very useful and easy to implement.

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Any news on this? It really is a killer to try and find people in this place... Could the research team please tell us of some kind of a time schedule when an improvement might be expected?

(I think there has been another post written after I started this thread, but I simply could not find it. Sorry, if the question has been answered already.)

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This is an important tool for the website and I think the team should at least acknowledge this post. I don't mean to be over dramatic but trying to get something changed here can seem like I am standing in a dark room shouting to myself and hoping that I will be heard. Could you give us an update about when the blog will be coming out? I think that could improve communication a lot if it works out right.

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would love to see who i'm playing against....

also, a search facility on the forum would help to find info...

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Those are beautiful dreams, but oh so unrealistic it seems... So unrealistic that no real response will ever appear, I fear.

The only fast way to find a player now is to be online simultaneously and through the player list in the game click on a particular indivudual, or then hope for the best and find him/her among the top players through scanning page after page. Smart huh?

You might want to check this one out, as well: although it's not as important as the search function of the fora you are talking about, suffolk.

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Yes, that's very strange. I know you can search for players to duel in the duel-setup screen, and actually the site apparently already supports searching for players but the functionality has never been attached to pretty interface that any of you can see.

So.... I'll bug admin about it next time I see him.

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This was implemented today. Example:


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