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PuzzleRankScorePointsLast Played
129 (<150): Grand Challenge 1019,71910001/01/70
72 (<150): Glycolysis178,713201/01/70
CASP8 T0469 Start 1288,935101/01/70
69: Scorpion Toxin179,140401/01/70
CASP8 T0461 Refinement Start12210,984101/01/70
CASP8 T0453 Refinement Start1179,724101/01/70
66 Beginner: Cytochrome109,513201/01/70
66: Cytochrome199,550201/01/70
CASP8 T0498 Start 2158,806201/01/70
CASP8 T0498 Start 168,8012801/01/70
108 (<150): Tricky Challenge Puzzle229,210101/01/70
109: Pumpkin268,623101/01/70
109 (<15): Pumpkin148,448101/01/70
129 (<15): Grand Challenge 1089,402101/01/70
129: Grand Challenge 10239,545101/01/70
111 (<150): Mouse348,739101/01/70
111 (<15): Mouse208,839101/01/70
111: Mouse468,826101/01/70
110 (<150): Turkey288,605101/01/70
110 (<15): Turkey148,881101/01/70
110: Turkey379,016101/01/70
109 (<150): Pumpkin158,498101/01/70
CASP8 T0492 Start 2248,957101/01/70
CASP8 T0492 Start 1249,471101/01/70
CASP8 T0499 Start289,0652801/01/70

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