Discusiones en Español

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Opened on:Friday, June 20, 2008 - 18:09
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Seria Bueno que se hiciesen comentarios y sugestiones en Español, ya que a pesar de que el ingles es muy difundido mundialmente, tambien lo es el español, y podria agregar una mayor cantidad de ayuda para este sitio

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Set details.

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This looks intresting. I'll try to "play"

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My impression is that the news from the recent discovery is now drawing a very international audience. Yesterday, for example, someone asked for help in Portuguese, and another in Polish. Given this observation, I think a long-term solution might have to include the following:

1. The ability to select the language for the website (provided that someone is able to translate them);

2. Language-specific forums, as HJBLT has already mentioned;

3. A field in the profile page (similar to that of Wikipedia userboxes) for listing the languages a user knows and the proficiency level would also be useful. Ideally, this field should be searchable; even better would be the ability to check via the game client whether other users who speak the same language are currently online.


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