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PuzzleRankScorePointsLast Played
Unaided CASP7 T380 Constrained228,000101/01/70
CASP8 Third Target T0421 Start 21428,296201/01/70
CASP8 Third Target T042111167,2093701/01/70
CASP7 T0308 Constrained3111,048101/01/70
CASP7 Refinement Target T0311 Start 128,9759001/01/70
CASP7 Refinement Target T0311 Start 228,8988801/01/70
CASP8 Second Target T0437549,721101/01/70
CASP7: T0308 Variation 25111,038101/01/70
CASP8 T0389 Refinement Start 2810,2032801/01/70
CASP8 T0389 Refinement Start 3129,8841001/01/70
CASP7 T380 Working Constraints168,000601/01/70
64: Thioredoxin3710,571101/01/70
CASP8 T0462 Start2419,748101/01/70
CASP8 T0462 Start1319,884101/01/70
CASP8 T0432 Refinement Start12110,530201/01/70
63: Fibrin509,973101/01/70
62: Halorhodopsin4012,928101/01/70
CASP7 T0331910,5692701/01/70
CASP8 T0446 Constraints410,1093801/01/70
CASP8 T04433210,467101/01/70
CASP7: T0308 Variation 13110,985301/01/70

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