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Hi everyone,

We're having difficulties trying to reproduce the phantom band syndrome many of you are experiencing (eg, where it seems like there's an invisible constraint band that lowers your score)

Can you please post here, and tell us the following:

1. Which OS you are using
2. The exact steps listed, from loading a puzzle up to the syndrome occurance

Update: It has been resolved - Thanks everyone.

Foldit Dev Team

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Is this what you mean?

It's not that there is an "invisible" band. It's all too visible, even when it has no business being there.

I'm using Windows Vista (yes, yes, it's craptastic). Here's what I do to cause it, every single time:

1. Start up a constrained puzzle.
2. Use a rubber band to tie one element to another.
3. Wiggle.
4. Remove the rubber band.

After this, a red line constraint band will from then on be in the place where the rubber band was. It makes NO difference whether I quit the puzzle and come back to it. The only thing that helps is to exit FoldIt and come back.

It completely ruins my score until I restart the game.

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all I have to do is use a band at all, on any of the new puzzles, put a band on wiggle and there is a red line that won't go away even if I restart the puzzle, video here

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Has been sporadic for me

I'm using XP, but it doesn't happen every time I use the rubberband. Maybe 75% of the time up to this point.

One example is the very first time I loaded the CASP8 T0423 Constrained. I think the first thing I did was slap some bands on the sheets to tighten them up, which quickly sent my score to 0. So I reset the puzzle, but it kept behaving as if there were bands there. I don't think I did any other particular operation before that in that session.

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Same problem....

I am having the same problem as Diderot (yes, also Windows Vista and spare me because I know it sucks hosewater).

I get the visible band that seems to hold onto a piece of my puzzle and can't get rid of it.


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