Tell me the hardware requirements BEFORE I register

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I don't like to give my email address out on unknown websites, but when I heard that this program was available for the Mac, it looked like something I REALLY wanted to try, so I caved... even though there was very little information available about the actual software I'd be downloading. After I registered, I was immediately presented with a download link... for software that won't run on my computer. The site should clearly state what OS and hardware it runs on BEFORE I register... specifically, in my case, that it doesn't run on a pre-intel Mac. Now it turns out I've registered for nothing.

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I second that. I also registered and then downloaded 50 mb (i didn't see the small "intel" below the download-button) before discovering that is Intel-only.

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Hi Guys, what a shame you are unable to join in on the fun, its been a life changing experience for me using this software and the puzzles have truely been something I have been waiting to expose my inner strengths and passion... not to mention the chance to save a lot of peoples lives for the better... I guess the mac was a choice you made and you will have to come to terms with the availability of its software along with the rest of those who dabble with mac. I sign up for a lot of things and never use them, but thats just a part of growing up and moving to new levels of life. You win some and loose some... best of luck with finding something that works for ya's.

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I know that we're not the hugest segment of the computer population, but I'm also willing to bet that the fraction of people still on pre-intel macs who would want to get involved with this is considerably higher than average. So how about a pre-intel version?

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A PPC mac version is not currently planned. However, having hardware requirements listed on the website in the FAQ section would be useful.

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Set details.

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That´s the key!
I know some people who like to puzzle, but I don´t know if their PC (Laptop) is strong enough.
My PC has also some Problems with big puzzles, because it´s relatively old (1.6MHZ, only 1MB DDR1-RAM, 8xAGP), but as skilled worker for electronics, I know how to tweak it by removing unneeded ressource-killers.
But some people don´t have this background and the money for a good PC, but a PLENTY OF TIME for solving puzzles.

TMHO, minimum and recommended system requirements (as you get everytime when you buy a new game) shouldn´t be missing in the FAQ or in the Wiki (no match for system, hardware and requirements each).

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I agree that some sort of recommended system requirements should be posted before we decide to get Fold It. I usually use Fold It on my somewhat powerful homebuilt Vista desktop, though I now have it on my new Toshiba laptop too, despite it running more slowly, occasionally crashing my pathetic integrated graphics on bigger puzzles, and IRC chat in the game not working for some unknown reason.

I do think there is a slight advantage to being able to run Fold It on more capable hardware. When you do so, the game runs much more smoothly, is more responsive and is less likely to cause problems crippling functionality or crashing the program in the middle of a puzzle. (BIG THANKS for apparently auto-saving after every completed move, though!) What I'm trying to say is that I think folders become much more productive on more powerful hardware, and they should be able to know this before downloading.

I think minimum system requirements should be posted that will guarantee what the game CAN run on, then possibly recommended requirements for what the game can run smoothly on.

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Can I add my voice to the request for Hardware guidelines and recommendations.
I have an old PC and when I run FoldIt it takes up all of the CPU and crashes if I try to do anything else at the same time. The display is jerky and difficult to control and running recipes can take hours.
I can't easily look at screen shots put up on chat and overall it is relatively difficult to work on puzzles.
I'm intending to get a new system but it is very difficult for me to decide how good is good enough.
I appreciate it is not possible to give definitive recommendations because what is available changes so rapidly but certainly a minimum specification to provide an reasonably useable system and some guidelines as to what will give a good performance as well as what might be overkill, would be very useful

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A new idea...

How about an optional FPS-Display in the GUI?
So we can compare systems and their performance.

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Original poster never played this game! No comments in three years, so must no longer be an issue. Closing this feedback.


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