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I came into this project, having worked in different distributed computing projects over the last decade or more, with the assumption that as this project was in a Beta status that I and all other users, who were not alpha testers, would continue to be Beta testers until the first non Beta release of the client and maybe after that as well. Nowhere did they ever tell us beforehand that some of us would stop being beta testers having signed up for that purpose. If I had known that this would be the case for me and others, I would have not joined this project until it reached a non-Beta status. I am honestly rather ticked about this to find out that I'm now just a "main user" or whatever you want to call it.

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Ignore this subject

It's all been taken care of now.

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power is out

im stuck without power...so i stole this connection from someone with power.

laptop not long on power...so... um. where was I... back soon when power is back up.

folders are bolder

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Fold.it Poetry.

To Nature.

I know you, you know me
it's not like I asked something you could not give
nor took what i did not deserve, you are without concious
I envy you, yet express myself from your core
i can feel you changing me to your every desire, and yearn this for myself, unselfishly but with haste
You can only twist me so much, before I submit
you can only give me so much, till i need more
have you what I need to live, i know you have my death in your hands, every side I turn to, you make me realise I am nothing but that i am, you tease me and taunt me, you beckon my every call.
You know me, I know you
I beg you for mercy while I strangle you to death,
and as you laugh and change, i dispise you, i hate you
but love what you can become, have you something to tell me i dont know or will you give me something i do
I will not fold as I explore your intent, I shall not lean on your shoulder and rest while you do not, those you take with you shall remain in my heart, my lungs and my blood.
You become me while i resist your strain but oh so quietly and gracefully do you teach me my lesson, un announced but true, im am not in denial, neither you.
I beg of you a truce, I force your submission, remission from the after effect of your curse, you to me are no god but the hell those before me gave to you, I do not ask to live, but die with you in pain, and those after will know, through their joy what it means to embrace you with their soul, their mind and patience, until we are your friend, your enemy and your every step towards freedom, enslaved only to those whom need me to release the continued threat of your life.

mathew innew.


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