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I think this project sounds like a very good idea & I am eager to participate.
However, I have one reservation. Conventionally, when breakthrough molecules or substances have been discovered with far-reaching therapeutic benefits, they have ultimately wound up making private corporation shareholders an awful lot of money; further, access to these new therapies is most often limited to those who can afford them. This, of course, is fundamentally inequitable.
I would just like to be sure that the advances made or furthered by this project won't be exploited to make profits for the rich; and that the great bulk of humanity (i.e., the poor) won't be left out in the cold if they need medicines that the people themselves have participated in developing.
Sorry to sound like "The Little Red Book", but this stuff means a lot to me. And unfortunately, such a thing would only be typical of the current dominant economic model.

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Foldit project was initiated with the goal of democratizing science, and we stand behind that.  the process of discovery and the eventual results of game play will all be open domain. 

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Let me say first, IANAL but saying saying results will be in the "open domain", what ever that is, maybe you mean "public domain" does NOT answer the original posters concern. Someone must retain property right and be willing to enforce those property rights of results OR the original posters concerns and worry maybe realised.

At a minimum you should include some language as in:

2. You agree to make results generated using Software available to other academic researchers for non-profit research purposes.

As an aside note, ask around the the UW cs dept about the history of Pine, the email client.

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new T&Cs

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What is the copyright terms for using a couple of screenshots.

I wrote a book that will be published later this year, and I mention Foldit as an example of some crowdsourcing concepts, and would like to use the 2 screenshots that are on the main info page ...

one of those screenshots actually appears in wikipedia - but even they flagged the copyright terms as unknown.

I could not find anything anywhere on the foldit sites, wiki, faq or this forum.



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If you are using any images from our website, please credit the University of Washington Center for Game Science.


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