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I just heard about this game on a podcast yesterday, and wanted to check it out for myself and my daughter. I went to the web site, established a login, and downloaded the windows version. After "install" it comes back to the original web page again, and I don't seem to have anything installed in my computer. It did give me a couple of errors which I ignored during install.

So how do we play the game? Do we play from the web site, or the application we were supposed to install? I've looked for a basic "help for beginers" but haven't found one.

Thanks in advance

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Its a file that needs to be

Its a file that needs to be installed on your computer.

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fold it problems

i still have problems also i.. turned off norton but that was not my problem...it does work on an old windows 2000 machine i have ???? guess ill come back in a few days see if it runs then ....rosetta runs ok though


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