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The Game
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Name: The Game
Manager: baxmaster007
Type: Moderated
Formed: 05/23/08
Description: You just lost.


This group will mostly consist of students from Roger Williams University or from one of two World of Warcraft guilds: Six Feet Under and Alliance in Defiance.

I'm not quite sure how groups work yet (whether we will get a forum or how our page will look) but please contact me and each other through the message system.

Right now I am handling who joins of those who apply, so if there is someone you know who wants to join this group, send me a message letting me know so I can admit them in.

For any questions, comments, or suggestions, please email me at or facebook me and send a message that way.

Have fun folding!

Rick Baxley (aka Methusala aka Balafor)


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51 Beginner: Aspartate Mutant-9,555-01/01/70
68 Beginner: Bos taurus29,6167201/01/70
67 Beginner: Integrase259,327101/01/70
56 Beginner: Lipid Binding-8,552-01/01/70
56: Lipid Binding-8,956-01/01/70


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