Automatic wiggle stopping?

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Right now wiggle goes on indefinitely.However it seems to me to actually *know* when it has reached a local maximum. I think this because it does have the tendency to "snap" the whole protein around and promptly freeze the score. Is it possible to set it so that after snapping the protein it automatically stops?

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Set details.

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I have seen local wiggles climb to a level, say 1098, and then head down after multiple increments, down to below 1000, and then proceed to climb above the previous high.

Not often but it does happen.

Also sometimes local wiggle sticks in a spot and waffles by 0.001 for a number of interations and then proceeds and accelerates the improvements.

Lastly with the "New Best" feature CTRL-N will restore the best result of the wiggle, assumming you store best before the wiggle.

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In upcoming LUA update we will hopefully have "take points" and "stop loss" on wiggle.


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