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I'm a soon to be medical student. I downloaded this program for several reasons: 1) it's in the name of science, 2) it could be educational, and 3) it could be fun.

Now, my question is, am I actually learning something from playing this game?


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Of course!

Of course you are learning something, though it might not be a skill directly applicable anywhere else than in a protein folding game. It's not every day that you get a chance to optimize by hand the shape of proteins... :)

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The main point of the game is not actually to educate users about protein folding, although we'd be happy if they learned some biochemistry by playing. Rather the team of biochemists and and computer scientists (including me) who made the game hope to better understand the correctly folded shapes of proteins by looking at the highest scoring proteins submitted by users. See this page for more information.

We are also going to release a variation on the protein folding game where users will be able to design completely novel proteins which will hopefully be of scientific or medical importance.


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