Add option to hide immovable sidechains

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I'm starting to get the hang of manipulating sidechains in order to get a really good score, but at least half of the sidechains I try and move are immovable. I understand this is because of how the intermolecular forces are at any given time, but it'd be nice if the game could save me the wasted time of clicking on every sidechain to SEE if it can be moved.

Perhaps add an option to the "show sidechains" mode that will "Hide Immovable Sidechains", and obviously this changes as your structure does. If this is problematic, how about coloring them black to denote that they can't be moved?

My tired eyes will thank you :)


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This is a good idea. We'll look into adding it.

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Set details.

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Frozen/locked segments are visible as unmovable. Done.


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