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I think this will be an easy change to make which will facilitate discussion in the chat room as people try to describe their structure to help lower scoring players to improve their scores.

Add a "Show Names" command to the View menu that when active will display a letter next to each piece of the structure. Start at A and go up from there. A different letter should be assigned to each piece, and perhaps a number to any sidechains. i.e A1 is the first sidechain on piece A, A2 is next to that...etc.

Optionally you could come up with a naming scheme for the position of each sidechain. Perhaps Roman numerals, or maybe a lower case letter? A1a, A1b, A1c would be the three allowed positions for the first subchain on piece A. The small letter would appear as you turned the sidechain.

This would allow easier discussion in the forums - we could at least tell each other where our h-bonds are, and which sidechains are in what position :)

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Another even easier change would help chatroom users at least align their views so they are viewing the structure from the same angle :) Give us the option to see the angle of orientation and viewer position (3d co-ordinates and angles etc) so we can say "turn the model to such-and-such an angle" and carry on a discussion knowing our models are at the same angle and viewpoint.

I hope that made sense :)

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I am sure there are already some standard coding/naming conventions for proteine parts.
When you hover with the pointer above the backbone parts you must have noted they consist of subparts, let me call them segments here, in slightly different colors. I guess every segment represents one aminoacid.
To keep track of the ways of connecting the sheets in my notes, I have been using the following coding

for 54 Human Fyn:

1 b2 (1st part, a bone consisting of 2 segments)
2 s3 (2nd part, a sheet, consisting of 3 segments)
3 b3 ...
4 s4
5 b5
6 s6
7 b5
8 s6
9 b18
a s4
b b2

And a "h" for a helix, which is not a part of this proteïne.

I decided to start with the numbering of the parts at the side of the backbone, which contains the most sheets.

The coding technique can be expanded with the name of each aminoacid for every segment, so the players are well informed. Maybe for every segment/ aminoacid a number of vectors (with a length & direction) would be too much? but I am sure, that the data models used in the software are even more complete.

It would be nice for us as a player to be able to insert tags to our solutions, just like the tags in the tutorial, as notes for ourselves and others, and to share our solutions including the tags with other players.
For the programmers, this would mean to make some of the functions for the tutorial puzzle creators available for the players.

I think sharing solutions is already possible by copying and sending certain files from the foldit program data directory.

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Set details.

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Bump. Good old ideas :)

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BUMP. Agreed, I like the angle idea.


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