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When looking at My Page, I can see rank and best score, but no points seems to be awarded. What is the process for gaining points? Does it happen when a puzzle is closed?

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I have a same problem

I can't also see my points but I can't see rank either..

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Ranking and Global Scores

Our servers have been having trouble dealing with  the overwhelming influx of users, and we temporarily disabled ranking and global scores. (They required surprisingly expensive database queries.). We will reenable them soon, and all your rankings and scores will be computed retroactively correctly.

The way it will work is this: every time a puzzle expires, everyone's top score and rank are frozen. Then global points (betwee 1 and 100) will be assigned to each player depending on thier ranking. Those points accumulate across all puzzles, determing your global game rank.

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Thanks for your response, Adrien!


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