Progressive BUNS Malus score

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Opened by:nspc
Opened on:Monday, August 1, 2022 - 19:37
Last modified:Monday, August 1, 2022 - 21:25

I understand than there is some false positives, and BUNS objective malus are lower,
but I dont think it is good to have so mush top score solutions with 12 BUNS.

I have a suggestion maybe to fix this : a progressive malus score system.

Like :
1 BUNS : -20 points
2 BUNS : -40 points
3 BUNS : -70 points
4 BUNS : -100 points
5 BUNS : -150 points
6 BUNS : -200 points
7 BUNS : -300 points

Tell me what you think about this (or if there is other problems if we do this ?)

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Another alternative would be a uniquely calculated penalty per BUN, based on how deep it is in the protein or aggregate. BUNS closer to the edge could have a smaller penalty than those deeper in the core (with a hover tooltip showing the penalty for each). That would definitely help us prioritize which ones we need to focus on.

A 200 of 500 BUNS score could be a (-20) and a (-280) penalty, or two BUNS of (-150) each...


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