View menu does not fit on screen, immune to font size changes

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Opened by:mwm64
Opened on:Wednesday, July 27, 2022 - 01:56
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I am on Linux (CentOS 8) with a 1366x768 display.

The View Options menu when you bring it up ends at "Fade Gui" on the left column and "Light Background"
on the right... I've never seen what's below there because you can't drag the top of the menu off the

Changing the font size in the general options makes lots of other text smaller, (like the recipe output, etc.) but has no effect on the View Options menu.

Could we please either:
* Make the View Options menu 3 columns so it fits on the screen or
* give the View Options menu a scroll bar on screens it doesn't fit on or
* Use the configured font size for the View Options menu


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Thanks for confirming that this isn't a Windows-specific issue, which has also happened to me previously ( ). Seems that the root of the problem can be simply described as "insufficient screen resolution"?


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