New Release!

Hey everyone,

We've just released an update with the following fixes and changes:

Release Notes:
* Reworked the objectives panel.
* Reworked the puzzle menu.
* Added a visualization for the rest of the protein to the Trim Tool.
* Updated the icons for the trim/untrim actions.
* Trimmed solutions behave like cutpoint solutions and do not get credit until untrimmed.
* Several bug fixes for Education mode.
* Fix issue where language selection wasn't being properly saved.

As always, thank you to our devprev players for helping test this release!

(Tue, 07/26/2022 - 21:08  |  2 comments)
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Crashing frequently.

For example, it crashed during login.
It also crashed when I choose some certain recipes.
This is log.txt:

args passed:
args used:
interactive.util.options_dict: {0} Loading options file
standalone.application.StandaloneViewPresetList: {0} StandaloneViewPresetList->load_preset_files(): successfully loaded view preset files
standalone.application.StandaloneViewPresetList: {0} StandaloneViewPresetList->load_preset_files(): successfully loaded view preset files
game.application.GameApplication: {0} Initializing
game.application.GameApplication: {0} boinc base url:
interactive.sound/SoundTheme: {0} SoundTheme::load: cmp-resources-11ff280360882ecdb36f25b66777a67c\resources\sounds/organic_01
interactive.sound/SoundTheme: {0} loading: cmp-resources-11ff280360882ecdb36f25b66777a67c\resources\sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_00.ogg
interactive.sound/SoundTheme: {0} loading: cmp-resources-11ff280360882ecdb36f25b66777a67c\resources\sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_01.ogg
interactive.sound/SoundTheme: {0} loading: cmp-resources-11ff280360882ecdb36f25b66777a67c\resources\sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_02.ogg
interactive.sound/SoundTheme: {0} loading: cmp-resources-11ff280360882ecdb36f25b66777a67c\resources\sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_03.ogg
interactive.sound/SoundTheme: {0} loading: cmp-resources-11ff280360882ecdb36f25b66777a67c\resources\sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_04.ogg
interactive.sound/SoundTheme: {0} loading: cmp-resources-11ff280360882ecdb36f25b66777a67c\resources\sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_05.ogg
standalone.application.StandaloneApplication: {0} (@init_machine_log)intro_level_version_ is 0
interactive.util.options_dict: {0} We're loading in the hotkeys
interactive.util.options_dict: {0} We loaded in the hotkeys
interactive.rosetta_util.ExposedHydrophobicsCalculator: {0} SVM classifier successfully loaded
interactive.rosetta_util.ExposedHydrophobicsCalculator: {0} Feature list successfully loaded
interactive.rosetta_util.ExposedHydrophobicsCalculator: {0} Valid classifier feature list
interactive.remote.RemoteThread: {0} REMOTE Local Address:
standalone.application.StandaloneApplication: {0} about to create view_options_button_
interactive.application.shared.ToolApplication: {0} setting side chain mode to: 2 Show All (Slow)
interactive.remote.RemoteDialog: {0} Found remote enable option: 0
game.application.AlphaFoldDialog: {0} POS UDim< rel:0 abs:730 self:0 >:UDim< rel:0 abs:52.5 self:0 >
game.application.boinc.Updater: {0} checking updates...
game.application.boinc.Boinc: {0} Error contacting server using URL:
game.application.boinc.Updater: {0} Server returned nothing (no headers, no data): Error contacting server.
game.application.boinc.Updater: {0} Looks like we're having a hard time connection to the server. This can be caused boinc_url param missing the slash at the end of it.
game.application.boinc.Updater: {0} cleaning up old components:
game.application.boinc.Updater: {0} no known components.
standalone.application.StandaloneApplication: {0} Show splash!
standalone.application.StandaloneApplication: {0} Playing: sounds/organic_01/splashscreen.ogg
standalone.application.StandaloneApplication: {0} Converting any old-style quicksaves and autosaves...
standalone.application.GeneralOptionsPanel: {0} buildid: 20220714-9144c40722-win_x86
game.application.GameApplication: {0} Ended pre-login init
game.application.boinc.Boinc: {0} Sending SOPs:
game.application.boinc.Boinc: {0} Sending SOPs:
game.application.GameApplication: {0} About to show the puzzle screen...
game.application.GameApplication: {0} Trying to get the puzzle list...
game.application.GameApplication: {0} Loading cache...
game.application.GameApplication: {0} Parsing puzzle URL...
game.application.GameApplication: {0} Parsing contests...
game.application.GameApplication: {0} Parsing macros...
game.application.GameApplication: {0} Saving the cache...
standalone.application.intro.level_util: {0} JM level version = 0
standalone.application.intro.level_util: {0} Using file: cmp-resources-11ff280360882ecdb36f25b66777a67c\resources\levels/campaign_2020.intros
standalone.application.intro.level_util: {0} Using f

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Steps to reproduce crash?

Thanks for the bug report Zhang Ruichong! Unfortunately, I'm having trouble reproducing any crashes, I don't see any clues in the log output.

Have you found a way to reliably reproduce the crashes? If you can post some steps that always cause a crash, that would be really helpful!

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