Bands don't remember their length

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It's a bit annoying to always set the band length (and strength) every time we place a band. A few months ago the band length needed to be set only for the first band and the others kept the same length.
Would be nice to have this feature again.

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You should be able to set the Default band length option to "last used". This option is in the General Options menu, under the Game/UI tab. Click on the green arrows beside Default band length to cycle through the different option settings.

After you set this option, Foldit will remember when you manually set the length and strength of a band, and all future bands will be created with this length and strength.

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Thanks bkoep :)

I am closing this now.
It's actually obvious when you open the General Options menu once you know it.
However, as a suggestion: what about introducing it into the small menu that appears when you right-click on the band?


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