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The June 2022 Design of the Month resulted from a "share with scientists", as discussed Foldit Lab Report 33.

It's always been a little unclear when solutions need to be shared in order to be considered.

I seem to recall that bkoep mentioned at one point (some time ago) that solutions should be shared before a puzzle expires.

Is that correct, or is there a grace period after expiration?

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Solutions that reach the server after puzzle expiration are ignored.

If you want Foldit scientists to look at your solution, you must Upload for Scientists before the puzzle expires.

You do not have to Upload for Scientists in order for your solution to be considered for scientific analysis. As long as you are playing online, the Foldit application periodically uploads your work behind the scenes. The Foldit team runs some scientific analysis on all solutions that reach the Foldit server before puzzle expiration, but Foldit scientists do not look at all of these solutions individually. The Upload for Scientists button ensures that a Foldit scientist will personally look at your solution.


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