If a recipe sets the density importance behavior, will the new value stay when the recipe ends?

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In the Behavior Menu are several sliders, like 
the Clashing Importance, Sidechain H-Bonds, and 
Backbone H-Bonds, that can be set by hand. There
are also several new but similar variables for 
the importance of Packing, Hiding, Pairwise, and 
Density that can only be set from within a recipe. 
If one made a recipe with some sliders to set 
these importances, would the new values stay when 
the recipe ends, or would they revert to their 
default values (all 1's)? What is the trick to 
make the new values stay, even after the recipe 
that changed them ends?


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Puzzle 2142 makes me wish there were also a
slider for the importance of the Disulfides
subscore. This might help disulfide bonds 
form, even if the puzzle gives no bonuses 
for them. Puzzle 2142 has 14 cysteines that
could potentially form 7 disulfide bonds at
the same time. I've seen several disulfide 
bonds come and go in my solutions, and my 
best solution so far has 3 of them.

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