Adjust foldit behavior with files on linux to meet the requirement of package managers

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Nowadays nearly all linux apps distribute with packages (like deb,rpm,flatpak and so on)or build scripts(like PKGBUILD),and they all install the apps in directories that do not allow normal users to create or write files.

I was recently surprised to know foldit was not available in AUR(it distribute PKGBUILDs for archlinux and nearly all apps can be got there) and decided to write a PKGBUILD and submit there.But I found that the above problem doesn't have a easy workaround.Moreover,foldit seems to automatically update itself.this also brings problems as we want to control the version by package managers.

In short,there are two requests here:
1.allow users to set a directory other than the same directory of the executable file(and if the directory does not exist,try to create it);
2.allow users to disable automatic update.
And these settings need to be applied either via setting environment variables (like DATA_DIR=~/.local/share/foldit ALLOW_UPDATE=false foldit) or modifying config files.

If the developers can take and implement the above two suggestions, I will be very grateful!

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