Who is responsible for each part of the game.

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I realize that if we have issues, problems, or questions about Foldit, then the Feedback section is the proper place to --- hopefully --- get them addressed.

Would anyone on the Foldit staff be willing to list who is responsible for each part of Foldit? There are times when I want to share confidential information (see Feedback at https://fold.it/portal/node/2012986) in a private message, but I am not sure to whom I need to send it. Having a list of responsibilities facilitates contacting the correct person.

Even if we don't need to contact anyone on the staff, credit should be given to whom it is due for their hard work.

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Thanks for bringing this up, Boots!

I completely agree about credit being given properly, and indeed our Credits page could use some work: https://fold.it/portal/info/credits

The whole team will discuss this and hopefully we can break that page down a bit better on the new website.

Until then, unless you specifically know who you'll like to contact, I would suggest PMing Foldit's Community Liaison, Ariana, who can triage your PM to the appropriate Foldit team member.


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