Glycine making it hard to make good helices

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Is anybody else experiencing this?

Since glycine is now loaded as allowed in sss, mutate programs are putting so many glycines in helices that they don't hold their shape and I'm having to spend too much time to try to get them to behave or to manually remove them one by one only to have a later mutate script put them back. Would appreciate knowing if it's just me.

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I'm also seeing a lot of glycines appearing where they 'shouldn't'. In most cases I think it just means that things are packed too close.

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SPV is correct: you have your helices too close together when mutating.

To avoid this, don't mutate until after you've stabilized your poly-isoleucine structure. I never have glycines introduced when doing this, and I end up with a reasonable amount (10% or so) of alanines.


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