Conditional mutate

Case number:845813-2012908
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Opened by:ichwilldiesennamen
Opened on:Tuesday, March 15, 2022 - 08:31
Last modified:Tuesday, March 15, 2022 - 08:31

Is it possible to implement something like a conditional mutate? I mean by this that in the mutate-function not all possible AAs would be allowed but just a selection. I think this could be helpful because for example when mutating only the core of a protein, I would not want to have polars like serine or threonine gorming in there and therefore these could be excluded in the mutate-operation beforehand by having such a selection-function. Something like this should also be helpful on binder-interfaces because now there is very little control of what foldit decides to put there automatically. Also I saw complaints about "too many alanines in helices". So with this it would be possible to forbid the use of alanine if someone wants that.
Also, is it possible to have sort of a "freeze for mutation" for certain sidechains? The reason is that AF is quite sensitive to mutations. So sometimes you are happy with a sidechain and you don't want to have it mutated anymore. But you still want it to shake and wiggle. So you don't want to freeze it completely but just for mutation. So in effect exclude it from mutation. Would something like this be possible?

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