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David Baker, Demis Hassabis, and John Jumper have been awarded the 20th annual Wiley Prize in Biomedical Sciences "for procedures to predict highly accurate three-dimensional structures of protein molecules from their amino-acid sequences." David Baker is Head of the Institute for Protein Design, which developed RosettaFold, and which is also Foldit's "mother ship". Demis Hassabis is the Founder and CEO of DeepMind, which developed AlphaFold. John Jumper is a Senior Staff Research Scientist at DeepMind and lead scientist on the AlphaFold project.

They will be delivering an honorary lecture as part of The Rockefeller University Lecture Series beginning at 3:45 pm EST on April 1, 2022. The lectures are free and will be livestreamed; registration is required.

More info at this link:

Sign up for the live-streamed lecture (free) at this link:


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