Foldit.exe - No chat messages appearing since Mid-Dec.2021

Case number:671076-2012867
Opened by:WBarme1234
Opened on:Monday, March 7, 2022 - 13:32
Last modified:Sunday, March 13, 2022 - 19:55

While auto show is ticked [v], I don't see
any Chat-Veteran- or Chat-Global messages appearing anymore.
There seems to be a 180 sec. timeout: I can't fix that for my self - any ideas!?
This happens apparently since mid-December 2021, when they removed the old controls.

Win 10 Pro latest updated,

(Mon, 03/07/2022 - 13:32  |  4 comments)

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If anyone else is having chat problems, please attach log.txt to this feedback.

At least one player in the group Haykapnayan is having problems connecting to chat at all.

The file log.txt is found in C:\Foldit or a similar location.

To upload log.txt here, start a new reply to this feedback. Then click on "Browse" under "File attachments" below. Navigate to C:\Foldit or wherever you have Foldit installed. Select log.txt. Click "Attach". Click on "Save" to save the new reply and the attached file.

Alternately, join the Foldit Discord server. See the Discord link on the Foldit front page. In the #bugs-and-feedback channel on Discord, you can drag and drop log.txt and anything else you'd like to share.

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We are having the same chat problem.

Joined: 03/03/2022
Groups: Haykapnayan

here is our log.txt. Please help, thank you.

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Thanks for the log.txt.

It shows you trying to connect to your group channel:

game.application.GameApplication: {0} GROUP CHAT CHANNEL: 
game.application.GameApplication: {0} BOINC says connect to:
game.application.GameApplication: {0} Using nick: PLMCHB2203G3AY202122S2

Then a little later in the log, there's an error:

game.application.IRCThread: {0} Notice :  Nick 0e41e90e1f466e0 isn't registered.

It's not clear exactly what's happening here. The chat server has some kind of connection cache, and sometimes you'll see letters and number in place of your IRC nickname. But "0e41e90e1f466e0" looks different than the usual type of cache id.

See also this feedback:


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