Everything seems to be down

Case number:845829-2012840
Opened by:Mike Cassidy
Opened on:Saturday, February 26, 2022 - 15:47
Last modified:Saturday, February 26, 2022 - 17:24

My crash report:


Text Channel

February 13, 2022

jflat06 — 02/13/2022
Ok, I think it should be resolved now for new submissions... ping me again if you're still seeing problems.

Susume (she/her) — 02/13/2022
would it be feasible to give players a way to remove their own submissions from the AF queue?

pc — 02/13/2022
oh my pending solution is finished
[4:20 PM]
but Neural Net color doesnt work now

pc — 02/13/2022
I switched to devprev, and now its work
[4:27 PM]
maybe there is some main and devprev incompatibilities ?
February 14, 2022

jflat06 — 02/14/2022
shouldn't be, it may have been an issue with the data for the coloring not being processed on the server for that particular solution
[1:07 AM]
Susume, I think deleting it effectively does that

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