Lab Report #29: AlphaFold . . . but better

We've put together a new tool that lets you visualize what AlphaFold thinks of your new protein designs. Also, Foldit players were cited in another scientific paper!

- Enhanced AlphaFold tool: Neural Net Objective
- New research from IPD builds on Foldit designs

- A symmetric protein design by fiendish_ghoul. The monomer subunit mixes alpha helices and beta sheets, and presents a well-satisfied H-bond network at the symmetric interface.

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Congratulations !

Congratulations for the Science paper. Does the mention of foldit players's scaffolds imply that all foldit players are co-authors of this publication ?

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Foldit players not co-authors of new paper

All of the Foldit materials used by the researchers were previously published in the 2019 Foldit design paper, so that work is cited by the new paper.

Since Foldit players did not contribute to the specific advance described in this new paper (i.e. repurposing existing proteins for large and complex assemblies via beta-sheet extension), Foldit players are not included as co-authors of the new paper.

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Thank you for clarifying

Thank you for clarifying that.

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oh I see 23k Accesses and 56 Citations for the co-authored paper from 2019 !

Do other researchers use the data from the 2019 paper ?

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