Why can't I upload to Alphafold for closed puzzles ?

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I liked to get the Alphafold score for the latest tetramer after it closed. AF did not allow me to upload the final solution because 'Alphafold solutions can only be submitted for open puzzles', Why ?

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We want to avoid frivolous use of the AlphaFold server, so AlphaFold submissions are disabled for closed puzzles.

The server that runs AlphaFold is a limited, shared resource; other researchers rely on the same GPUs for their own research. We want to be sure we are using this resource responsibly and productively, so Foldit only accepts AlphaFold submissions for active puzzles.

There is a bit more discussion in this previous feedback.

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Thank you for clarifying, the suggestion you gave in the other post will also work:

"If you want to explore AlphaFold predictions for arbitrary sequences, I recommend using the AlphaFold Google Colab notebook. The Colab notebook will also allow you use natural sequence alignments (this is disabled for the Foldit AlphaFold tool); this will likely give you better and more consistent predictions for natural protein sequences. "

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