(Mac) game doesn't remember my mouse settings between client invocations

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Opened on:Friday, December 24, 2021 - 01:01
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I invert the camera zoom and switch the right/middle mouse for Camera, and I'm having to re-set those each time I fire up a new client.

General Options > Controls > check 2nd and 3rd boxes.

I tried setting them, then immediately closing the client and reopening it, but they were still gone.

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It's not just this setting that is lost when a client is closed: see my comments to feedback items by alcor29 and by georg137.

It's also not just on Mac: I'm on Windows, DevPrev (20211217-25ed22335d-win_x86-devprev), but I think the previous release had the same problem.

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This is related to my post Display customizations never stick.



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