red spots with blue hnbs

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I think you are trying to show which segments are close to making a bond, but they obscure my vision and are therefore annoying. Can anything be done?

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The new visualization of unsatisfied polars in a Hydrogen Bond Network is certainly useful at times, but I fully agree that the present version is too bright and indeed very annoying.

Would it be possible to show these bright red dots only when hovering over the HBN? In other words, as long as the bonds are shown in blue, there are no red dots, but when they turn to gold (or whatever you may call that colour), the red dots (if there are any unsatisfied atoms) will be shown. That would give us the best of both worlds.

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Agreed: the effort to give more info on Hnets is appreciated but I don't like these fuzzy red dots. Maybe they could be made an option in some way. In a general sense I find it hard to pin down the location of these diffuse markers: annoyingly they appear in ligand design puzzles now as well as buns display.

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I was the one that suggested highlighting unsatisfied atoms in H-bonds, which the devs promptly provided.

I got what I wanted... but I had asked that it be set up like the BUNS objective: able to be shown or not shown, as needed. And I agree: the Christmas-tree-light brightness of these is quite distracting.

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Thanks for the feedback! HuubR's solution seems reasonable to me (to highlight these atoms only when the HBNet is under the cursor), but it may take a bit longer to implement.

I think we can also dial back the brightness a bit.


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