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Using so many different styles is confusing.

1) Actions signified by squares filled with an icon and letter or number are a hodgepodge of old organizational problems which were never addressed in the original design or the selection interface design. For example, "1 with writing pad =" ???, 2 with wrench and screwdriver =" ???, "3 with four-way arrow" = MOVE, "4 with remix icon = " REMIX, "5 with paintbrush and tube of paint =" ??? How would anyone know what these are? Why aren't they 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in that order? R is Remove. D is Disable. What is L? (Hint: It's not an action at all, it's a menu) W = Wiggle B = Blueprint which is a set of new dialog boxes. Etc. This is all left-overs from earlier incomplete work.

2) Green icons running down the left side are what? More important than other functions? Is that why they are displayed separately with a different graphic treatment? What does Cookbook, Behavior, View Menu, Undo Menu, and Help have to do with one another? They are a mixture of dialogs and menus. Another holdover from earlier times. ANother reason to redesign this whole mess.

3) The icon, upper left, is not only the logo. Surprise. IT's another menu. That menu holds nine items is the old style, icon above, words below. Why are two of the menu items below the other seven? Was the menu two wide for some one's taste? Why is Toggle Full Screen here? Why is Remote Control here?

4) Placement of the name next to the icon does not give enough room, even for a short name. I also suggest the name of the track should be appended to the name of the puzzle as it is in the title bar but that makes the width problem even worse. What happened to Rank? We can only determine Rank by looking at the scoreboard which only displays seven names. Problem. When does the puzzle expire? How do we know that?

5) What does a user do if they are on a laptop? There is not enough room to see the puzzle with any of the menus open.

6) What is that counter in the lower left showing? It's counting off units of something but I don't know what.

Maybe the Games people should get back involved. The Science seems to be in here somewhere but the idea of playing has been lost with this interface design.

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I want to thank you again for all of you feedback. As mentioned in my other comment, we take your feedback seriously, and are adding player issues to an internal list. Providing specifics, as you have done, is very helpful in addressing these concerns. We will continue to push out updates addressing these items. Be sure to checkout the next release. Some of the items that you have mentioned have been addressed and are making their way to you such as Rank display, and puzzle expiration. Also, I wanted to note that the counter you see in the lower left side of the screen is counting the number of seconds since you began running a certain action, and the number of internal iterations that have taken place.


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