allow deletion of preset views

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Opened by:alcor29
Opened on:Thursday, December 9, 2021 - 14:23
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I would like to be able to delete the default views. Currently fade and pulse are defaults. This means that I have to delete them every time I want to use a default I have to uncheck them. So I make my own views but I still have useless stuff on my screen. My view is that every extra click, and every byte of useless things on my screen are a barrier to retaining folders because once again we are put in the position of fighting the client instead of focusing on the real task. Thank you for your patience.

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Thank you very much for the suggestion. The View Presets are an exciting new feature, and we want to make certain that they have the biggest impact they can. To this end, we will continue to update this feature so that it can be utilized in the best possible way.

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On second thought, it might not be good thing to delete them. How about hiding them In a folder perhaps.


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