Puzzle 2074 "leave these bits alone"

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You write "keep the three-member ring and the linked five and six member rings - leave these end bits alone and change up the bits in between."
For my understanding: There is no way to CUT the ligand into pieces and re-piece them together with different parts inbetween, while keeping the original parts in place, correct ?


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There is a way to do this indirectly by creating a "bypass route":

* Attach additional carbon atoms to the existing structure in such a way that they are close enough to add a single bond between them (and form a ring the process); then

* Break the ring by removing an existing bond, so that the newly added carbon atoms form the only remaining connection between the two parts.

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Currently we don't have any "cut" tools which allow you to break the ligand into two pieces to later rejoin them. (This is something we have on the wishlist, but isn't implemented yet.)

As infjamc mentions, you'll have work around it by adding structure to the center prior to removing the bits you no longer want.

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Thank you both for your replies, I'll give that a try.


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