Save track scores instead of player scores.

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Save scores for each track, by player name and track name, rather than by player name only.

I typically use three tracks for one puzzle and name them 100, 101 and 102. If each track’s score were saved separately I could see variations in my approach. As it is I can only see one high score for all. This prevents me from noting progress when I change strategies and try multiple folds. The server scoreboard would list solutions by [rank][player][track][score] rather than [rank][player][score].

I realize this could triple the length of the list but they are not all that long to begin with and there could be a cutoff such as max.three names per player.

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By the end of the week a puzzle can have twenty separate tracks. I don’t need to see all scores posted on scoreboard. I’d only like to see my top score and two other most recent scores that have been submitted. The server would need to save my top score which it does now, plus evaluate any new score I submit to see if it is a top score. If not, it should replace my last submitted score (max. two). For example:

Rank Player Track Score

1 phi16 100 21300
12 phi16 101 12345
23 phi16 102 9800

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If this is not feasible, at least let the leaderboard show the maximum score reached for the track I'm working on? That way I don't have to search for to see if the track is making progress or not.


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