Developer Preview Release Soon

Hey everyone,

We have a huge update coming to the developer preview soon that updates the game with a new look and a new interface. You can read more about the specifics in this blog post.

Release Notes:
* Switched to a new common interface and updated the look and feel of the UI.
* Updated the tutorials to use this new interface.

We are looking for feedback about any issues you find in the new interface or tutorials, as well as any missing functionality from the previous interfaces that you feel should be included.

(Tue, 11/16/2021 - 21:11  |  6 comments)
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End of Foldit career

This un-welcome change to the user interface will mark the end of a 13+ year run of participation in Foldit.

I joined in June 2008 and learned using the original interface. I took a look at the 'Selection' interface when it first appeared, and could not begin to get comfortable with it, and now, at 71 years of age, I'm not going to expend the energy or time to learn a new UI. My brain and muscle memory only know one way to play.



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Congratulations on new UI

Many congratulations on the new user interface. Looks more modern and is easier to understand imho.

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not enough time for dev prev -- concern about hand placing bands

I am an original interface user for most things, mostly because there has always been a huge delay in seeing if my rubber bands are going to the place I want in selection interface and the move tool was easier to use. I do hope you fix the rubber band process in selection interface, as I want to see where my rubber band is going. Selection interface never shows the band until it is placed - often not where I want it.

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That's odd

Could you provide more details on the band delay? For example, is this a consistent thing, or does it come and go? The reason I ask is because we're not seeing the same issue with the new UI (devprev client) -- If I right-click-drag or ctrl-click-drag the rubber bands show up and follow my mouse cursor until I release the mouse button. I don't know if the issue might be specific to the platform you're using, or the particular way you're creating bands.

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I mostly use original interface. I use selection interface only when I need to work on a specific selection

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Hotfix 12/3

* Update behavior of move tool -- deselecting residues now deactivates the tool, keeping it from sticking around too long
* Adjust how the action menu items wrap for smaller screen sizes. (Wrapping is now left to right, bottom up.)
* Fixed a bug where symmetric chains were being inconsistently hidden or colored
* Always show the action name when hovering over an action button
* When the player hovers over the title, the full title, and the puzzle expiration will now be displayed
* The puzzle expiration is displayed on the Score Panel when one day is remaining
* Fixed a potential crash with translations and view options
* Fixed an issue with band buttons not appearing with solution loading
* The backbone pins checkbox should work again
* The current rank of the soloist/evolver and group are now displayed in the scoreboard menu
* The GUI should more consistently hide all parts of the interface
* Removed the Score label from the score panel
* Reduced the width of the score panel
* Increased the width of the invalid score strike-through
* View options should be set more consistently set when moving between puzzles
* View option hotkeys should now work again
* Information on the selected region now appears in the lower left-hand side of the screen
* The objectives panel title should now shrink to keep it from overlapping the score panel

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