Guide To Interface Changes

a.k.a. “Where is the ...”

This is a guide to help you locate functionality in the new interface, based on where it was in the old interfaces.

Both Old Interfaces

Score Panel

  • Rank: In the header of the competition panels in the upper right for your entry
  • Puzzle Title: In the upper left, between the Foldit icon and the Score panel
  • Puzzle Expiration: Click the Puzzle Title to be taken to the Puzzle page, or hover over the puzzle title to get the expiration in a tooltip. If it's less than 24 hours until puzzle expiration, it will also be shown in the score panel.

Objectives Panel

The objectives panel moved a bit to the left, under the Puzzle title.

Stop Spinner

For long-running actions, the stop spinner will appear in the lower left corner.

Original Interface

Actions tab

Most icons from the Actions tab should now be found in the actions bar. Except:

  • Help is found on the left hand side.
  • Show/Hide level hints (in Intro, Education Mode and Dojo puzzles) is found in the Main Menu.
  • Reset Puzzle, Reset Structures and Skip Level (Dojo Mode) are now found in the Undo menu. (Accessible from the left-hand panel.)

Undo tab

The content of the Undo Tab is found in the Undo menu (Accessible from the left-hand panel.)

Modes tab

Pull Mode:

  • Pull itself should function as before.
  • For most right click actions, select segment(s) and then pick the appropriate action in the action bar
  • For Tweak, double click a secondary structural element to pop up the tweak tool.
  • To Freeze, right click (single or double; plain or with shift or control.)
  • To add a band, right-click & drag or control (left) click and drag.

Structure Mode:

Select segments(s) to change, then click the “Modify backbone secondary structure” button. (Hotkey L)

Note Mode:

Click the Toggle notes button (Hotkey 1) to display/hide any notes.

To add notes, hover over a residue and then press the Tab key.

Design Mode:

  • To mutate, select segment(s) to change and then click the Mutate action button (Hotkey M)
  • To delete, select segment(s) to delete and then click the Delete Segments action button (Hotkey X)
  • To insert, select either one segment or two adjacent segments and click the Insert Segments action button (Hotkey I). (If two adjacent segments, insertion will happen between them. If a single segment, arrows will appear to select the insertion point.)

Ligand Design Mode:

Select the ligand and pick the Ligand Design action (Hotkey L) from the actions bar.

Ligand View Mode

Select the ligand and pick the Ligand View action (Hotkey V) from the actions bar.

Behavior Tab

The content of the Behavior tab is found in the Behavior Options menu. (Accessible from the left-hand panel.)

View Tab

The content of the View tab is found in the View Options menu. (Accessible from the left-hand panel.) On first selection the View Tab will open the new View Options Preset menu. In this menu you can select presets suggested by the puzzler designers, or create your own custom presets. To save a custom preset first choose the View Options you would like to save, and then use either the New button on the Presets Menu, or the Save option on the View Options Menu. Choose a name for your preset and then you will be good to go!

Menu Tab

The contents of the Menu tab are found in the Main Menu, accessible by clicking the Foldit icon in the upper left.

Cookbook Fly-out

The Cookbook menu can be accessed by clicking the cookbook button on the left hand side.

Selection Interface

Main menu

The main menu can now be accessed by clicking the Foldit icon in the upper left corner. Most of the existing buttons should be there.

  • Help button has moved to the left-hand side
  • Protein manipulation tools (Rama Map, Blueprint, Electron Density) have moved to the action bar.

Selection Information
The number of residues selected is now in the lower left hand corner.

Undo, View Options, Behavior & Cookbook menus

These menus can be accessed from the buttons on the left-hand side.

Did we miss something? Please let us know in the comments below.

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“Where is the ...”

Where is the Backbone Pin?
Where is the number of residues that are currently selected?

By the way, this is the third place where we are asked to submit comments to this "New Foldit Interface". Since most comments seem to appear under the blog post with that name, I will add the remainder of my comments there.

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The Backbone pins were missing due to a bug which has now been fixed.

The number of selected residues can now be found in the lower left hand corner.

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