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Name: BCWC21 Clásico del Caribe Equine MRSA Challenge
Type: Template
Owner: Vincera
Start Date: 11/06/21
End Date: 12/05/21
Puzzle: Freestyle Design 500

[In honour and recognition of the indomitable spirit of the equine athletes competing in the annual BREEDERS’ CUP WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (November) and the CLÁSICO DEL CARIB (December) thoroughbred races].


Co-ordinated research efforts of the Résapath veterinary surveillance network in France (conducted over a five-years period via the ANSES laboratories in Lyon and Ploufragan-Plouzané) revealed in 2017 a dominant equine-specific MRSA strain: CC398-IV-t011. Independent from the human form while also being differentiated from the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, CC398 replaced the bacterium form which affected North American horses (CC8-IV-USA500).

Analytic studies confirmed CC398’s international spread and equid adaptation but also underscored its lower resistance to antibiotics.

Reference 1: Molecular Epidemiology of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Horses, Cats, and Dogs Over a 5-Year Period in France


OBJECTIVE: Use the protein code sequences denoted below to conduct and create structure-based enquiries in order to discover, analyze, and gain insights into the penicillin-binding 'mechanisms of action' of Ceftobiprole (an anti-MRSA therapeutic inhibitor).

[Players may extract any desired AA strand length under observation from the full-length 646-residues sequence denoted below]. This is an unlocked, mutable, 500-segment puzzle.

[Upload your puzzle’s endgame design findings for further analytics (if you so choose) to lab scientists at least 24 hours prior to contest termination in your respective date/time zone].

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121 hienlkserg kildrnnvel antgtayeig ivpknvskkd ykaiakelsi sedyikqqmd
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241 elkqkeykgy kddavigkkg leklydkklq hedgyrvtiv ddnsntiaht liekkkkdgk
301 diqltidakv qksiynnmkn dygsgtaihp qtgellalvs tpsydvypfm ygmsneeynk
361 ltedkkepll nkfqittspg stqkiltami glnnktlddk tsykidgkgw qkdkswggyn
421 vtryevvngn idlkqaiess dniffarval elgskkfekg mkklgvgedi psdypfynaq
481 isnknldnei lladsgygqg eilinpvqil siysalenng ninaphllkd tknkvwkkni
541 iskeninllt dgmqqvvnkt hkediyrsya nligksgtae lkmkqgetgr qigwfisydk
601 dnpnmmmain vkdvqdkgma synakisgkv ydelyengnk kydide

Reference 2: Structural Insights into the Anti-methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Activity of Ceftobiprole - ScienceDirect

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