"Playing as:" suggests multiple identities ?

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I noticed the line in the score box "playing as". This would suggest that I need to know what my identity in the program is, which I really should know, unless I have multiple identities.

Yet if I recall correctly multiple identities are prohibited in Foldit.

An oversight ?
Who is using multiple identities ?


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I think the "playing as" message is helpful for when folks
share screenshots of their solutions. This message makes
it easier to keep track of who submitted each screenshot.

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This info might also help whenever multiple users have to share a Foldit installation.

I think this happens fairly frequently in the classroom or in school computer labs. We know that teachers like to assign tutorial levels or custom contests (or levels in the new Education Mode!), since they can track students' participation through their Foldit usernames. Imagine the frustration of working through all the Foldit tutorials for a class assignment, just to realize you forgot to log out of the previous user's session!


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