In Symmetry Puzzles, can Foldit just show BUNS for the main monomer and not its copies?

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For Puzzle 2038, I've been using a Foldit client 
with the updates below on a Windows 10 Laptop:

buildid: 20210831-bed0d5b3c9-win_x86-devprev

2038 is a Symmetry Puzzle with 4 monomers that
make a C4 tetramer complex. When I show its BUNS,
I see little red and blue clouds on segments with 
buried unsatisfied atoms (BUNS). When I hide the 
Symmetric Chains so only the main original monomer 
is shown, the BUNS for all monomers in the tetramer 
complex still show on the screen. To tell which BUNS 
lie on the main monomer, I have to move the displayed 
monomer around on the screen. It would be nice if the 
BUNS for the hidden monomers would hide when I hide 
their monomers. It would also be nice if there were 
LUA commands to report the # of BUNS in the main 
monomer and on which segment and atom each of these 
BUNS lies.


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Perhaps a toggle switch to show all BUNS versus BUNS on just the monomer.


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