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Hey all,

We are about to release an update to the developer preview that moves our separate Education Mode client into the main game. This will make it easier for educators using Foldit to find and install the education mode.

You may notice a prompt when you start up the new client for the first time asking if you want to use education mode - just leave this unchecked if you want regular foldit!

The full list of changes below:

* Added a new Educational mode
* Added a quick question on your first login to allow toggling Education options
* Added a "Reset Roles" button in the Advanced Options to re-select your Education option
* Tab to view additional segment information can now be used in tutorials
* Improved the UI of tutorial tips
* Added a camera rock mode and camera spin mode, which can be toggled with Shift+Home and Alt+Home by default.
* Added an option to delete all tutorial save data, intended for classroom and kiosk use
* Simplified some minor UI elements in tutorials
* Added clearer instructions to the Rama map
* Improved tutorial tip logic
* Revised help panel text
* Revised text in Close the Gap

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed a bug where the next playable level wasn't glimmering
* Fixed a bug making tutorial tips confusing
* Fixed a bug causing some button texts to be misaligned

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Hotfix 9/13

Bug fixes:
* Fixed a bug causing some weird spacing on notes.

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