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for months on end we have been revisiting puzzles that require heavy mutation... Okay, this is your choice, but I feel you are wearing out players machines. This is great for you but expensive for players. The last 3-4 months have been little more than repeats of previous puzzles... same old.

Could you tell us, what exactly you are looking for in doing this?

When will some interesting De-novo puzzles be posted?


Sven (jausmh)

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Thanks for the feedback! If you're requesting more De-novo Freestyle puzzles, we are unlikely to run more puzzles in that category. Especially given the most recent advances in structure prediction algorithms, we think that Foldit can contribute more in other (non-structure prediction) research, like protein design.

One of the biggest bottlenecks for Foldit protein design is throughput. We simply have trouble generating the large numbers of designs that are necessary for difficult problems like protein binder design. This is one reason why we have seen a lot of recycled puzzles over the last few months.

We discussed the throughput problem a little bit on the blog post for our binder design competition last March. The competition was actually pretty effective for boosting throughput, and we are developing a way to run this kind of competition more smoothly. That work has been sidetracked a little bit by other projects (like the new AlphaFold feature), but we hope to get it rolling soon. That should allow us to boost the puzzle diversity and post some more interesting challenges for players!


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