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I came across a tiny bug in scoring system.

The scenario is 'Ligand Debut' which is to design a protein to bind onto ligand.


I messed around with it, the target protein self folded and formed its own hydrogen bond.
The bond was strong enough that the score has overqualified the scenario even the ligand is far away and not getting any bond.

My suggestion on the programming side is to separate the scoring system rather than relying purely on folding of all protein structures indiscriminately.

The program is amazing, I am still learning my way, very fun to play with.
Thanks for all the efforts !


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hello, you are winner!
this is example of a puzzle show that binding to ligand is not always stable condition.
let's find a more stable solution in science puzzles in that tone.

suggestion from me.
you suggest as the bug in feedback instead of forum.
of course, if they are free then i think they will check here as well.

below for developers
whether he is setting up an objective in the puzzle to monitor hydrogen bonds with the ligand.
however, implementing objectives earlier than 'Quest to the Native' can be confusing for beginners.
so i think it's specification that may be intentional inevitable setting for current puzzle.

or define to this intro puzzle with a slightly larger peptide that is already folded.
so that players do not exceed completion threshold when trying to improve peptide.

instead from him, thank you!

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Thank you Nicm, Sorry for my

Thank you Nicm,
Sorry for my mistake not posting it in the Bug report forum,
I am still new and love this community, I will be more careful in the future! :)


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