"R" initiates "Remote Control"

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Even after a major update, this bug persists. Why is there even a remote control option? It seems like a security hole to me.

Why is the hotkey "r" which is commonly a commonly used hotkey for removing all bands. You may shrug it off by thinking, "They can just go "Actions" then select "Remove Bands". That is poor interface design. It requires 3 steps as opposed to the single step previously. Are you indifferent to possible tendonitis? Not all your players are millenials. I am very used to using the previous hot key and this change is very annoying.

If you mouse over Remove Bands it still says "R". At least get your code consistent, as poorly intentioned as it may be.

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The remove bands part is an easy fix. While Foldit is not running, edit hotkeys.txt (found in c:\Foldit or the equivalent). Add the following line:


You'll probably see "ACTIONS_DISABLE_BANDS" in the first few lines, so "ACTIONS_REMOVE_BANDS" makes sense as the next line.

When you restart Foldit, "r" should be back to normal in both the original and selection interfaces.

It's not clear why this line got dropped from hotkeys.txt. I just did a fresh install the other day, and it's definitely missing from the baseline. It had disappeared from some existing clients, but others still had it.

The remote control feature has always been a little mysterious. It's probably not a big risk if you don't enable it. I think there was some mention of it being intended for classroom use. I've never tried it.

Not directly related, but some other recent changes to hotkeys.txt still haven't been documented. One new feature is the ability to assign hotkeys for a whole bunch of recipes. The preferred way to set hotkeys is via General Options (control + t), Controls tab, Configure Keyboard Shortcuts.

It looks like the recipe hotkey feature has picked up entries from my cookbook, although none are currently assigned hotkeys. Someday this feature and some of the other more subtle hotkey changes will make it to the wiki.

Unfortunately, the in-game hotkey editor doesn't let you add missing entries to hotkeys.txt, so the only solution for remove bands is shut down Foldit and break out Notepad or the editor of your choice.

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Thanks Loci,

This has been annoying me to no end. I hadn't thought of having to manually edit the hotkey table.

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Here's another piece of the puzzle.

In some cases, I'm seeing this shortcut in hotkeys.txt:


others have it this way:


which is a duplicate if you also have


I know I've seen "duplicate hotkey" messages in log.txt. So I wonder if Foldit tries to clean up the duplicates in some cases, resulting in ACTIONS_REMOVE_BANDS going missing.

I'm also seeing two other potential dupes:

in hotkeys.txt for different clients.

I'm a little surprised that the default hotkeys end up being so different.

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I checked and I have the manage remote = R, but my R hotkey is functioning correctly in that it removes all bands. Odd how things seem to function in spite of it. Should we remove the R for remote managing?

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No need to change anything if you're happy with your hotkeys.

In log.txt, you might see messages like these:

interactive.application.shared.HotkeyTable: Duplicate hotkey binding R (ACTIONS_REMOVE_BANDS, GENERAL_MANAGE_REMOTE)
interactive.application.shared.HotkeyTable: Duplicate hotkey binding Ctrl+P (GENERAL_PAUSE_GAME, GENERAL_PUZZLE_MENU)

The first action listed wins, so remove bands will work as expected, but control-p will pause the game instead of opening the puzzle menu. The winner seems to be the first entry in alphabetic order.

The duplicate binding message doesn't mean anything was removed from hotkeys.txt. You'll see the same messages again the next time you start Foldit.

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Thanks Loci.


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