"the wiggle all"

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it starts with the same parameter ,cause the result scores same,because the same algorithm,

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Not always. A wiggle with the same parameters and the same starting point may produce different results.

I tried a simple test with this recipe:

structure.WiggleAll ( 10, true, true )

Using puzzle 1999, I started with a solution scoring 8163. This solution had only been worked on low wiggle power. In most cases, wiggling such a solution at medium power will produce a gain.

I ran the same test 6 times. The results were:

  • 8419.206 (2 tests)
  • 8320.128 (1 test)
  • 8318.740 (2 tests)
  • 8318.148 (1 test)

This solution started with a Buried Unsats penalty of -800 points, corresponding to 13 buried polar atoms.

The high-scoring wiggles managed to reduce that to -700 points, or 12 buried polars. There were also small changes in the DDG, Contact Surface, and Interaction Energy objectives.

The Buried Unsats (BUNs) objective is very sensitive. Just a small change in the position of one atom can add or subtract 100 points.

Also, the computer I used is fairly busy, running at about 90% CPU, as reported by Process Explorer on Windows.

In general, it's difficult to get the same results in Foldit doing the same thing twice. This is especially true for recipes which are more than one command long, which often run for hours or even days. Sometimes the differences are small, but other times, they are hundreds of points.

For reference, see structure.WiggleAll on the wiki.


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